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Jane xx

Some feedback from our clients

Thank you for today’s newsletter. I am doing the classes at times suitable to me, and appreciate the efforts you are putting into providing such varied and informative instructions. I rarely have to look at my iPad, which proves how excellent you are with your preparations. Continue like most of us to be stronger and more accommodating in the future, as this frightening virus seems to have created some blessings. Take care of your loved ones


I hope you and Keith are keeping well. I just wanted to write to say thank you for the new online classes.  Although you won't have seen me as I've not joined you 'live' I have been following the videos a couple of times each week and really feel the benefit. Many thanks


Thank you — logged on and it’s great. Thank you so much for putting it together for us, I’m committing to 3-4 times per week! I’ll join live via Zoom when I can but it’s lovely to know that I can catch up anytime.

PS: who said you could use my picture on the front page!!


Thank you so much for sending me the link, your vids have been an absolute saviour!! I haven’t been able to do the live ones as trying to homeschool two small children but I manage to find an hour in the evening once they’re in bed.. it’s my hour of peace and tranquillity!!

As a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer it’s been so important to carry on moving so I really do have to say a big thank you for all your hard work during lockdown. Let’s hope we can get back to normality soon


I need to say to you a huge THANK YOU. Although I am technically in lock-down at my daughter’s in Bracknell (I was here for granddaughter’s birthday party when Bozza told us all to stay in), because I am on thyroxine, once a month I need to drive back to Loughborough to collect my prescription and because I find the drive very tiring I stay at my house for a couple of nights before coming back down. So (sorry) long story short, all this has triggered my sciatica to flare up again. Knowing that Pilates helped my so much last March when I had the problem first, I am quite diligent in doing a session each morning — then I found Swan Dive in Cyprus. Oh Jane that was like a magic wand — it has so helped me — I can’t tell you — it is wonderful — what only 3 minutes — and I can find lots of times during the day when I can fit in 3 minutes — so much help. Brilliant. So thank you


Incredible value for money Jane! All your Live online classes, plus all class recordings. I am now doing five or six classes each week, and am fitter than I ever was before COVID-19. You are absolutely amazing!!!! 👋


Hi Jane, I just did the standing up first part of the class as I don't have space to do floor work at the moment, but it was sure good to get some exercise in, first time since before lockdown 🙈🤦


Just managed to do this session as been working - really enjoyed it Jane, thanks x


Just a note to say I love your weekly Newsletters. Am thoroughly enjoying the classes too. They provide the skeleton supporting the body of my week and I want to thank you for them and your continuing efforts to keep us all fit and healthy.


I always feel so much better after doing one of the sessions, but particularly like the option of a 45 minute slot. On a busy day it's nice to have a shorter, more concentrated session.  Thanks for everything you're doing to keep JTP going so well in the face of adversity. Feeling so good from doing Pilates more than once a week.

Yay! Go Jane xxxxx


Best thing since sliced bread! Keeping us all fit during lockdown…


Just wanted to say a BIG thanks to you, Jane, following yesterday's Pilates Surgery. Out for a cycle today, and my neck is SO much better after doing the exercises that you suggested. I know what I need to do. You know what you are talking about — THANK YOU!!! xxx


Hi Jane — Hope all is well with you. Just a quick thanks for Monday's class — I have just done the recording — it was a bit different and very useful to feel the difference in my abdominals side to side. I'm also wondering if the long leg 'crunches' will help me with sitting roll down/ups — I still can't manage it! Ånd my feet always lift!! But doing the exercises, I could really tell the imbalance side to side. Just thought it was interesting. Thanks again.


Jane I’ve loved your lockdown classes almost as much as the on-site classes. I didn’t make today as work busy, but I’ll be back soon as missing you and your way of saying ‘just two more’ 😀

Nic B

Thank you! Just what I needed after a long day at the dining table
Thanks for that Jane. And thank you for this morning's class which was brilliant. Made me feel as if I was there right in the room.


Just a quick thanks for Monday's class — I have just done the recording — it was a bit different and very useful to feel the difference in my abdominals side to side. I’m also wondering if the long leg 'crunches' will help me with sitting roll down/ups — I still can't manage it ! and my feet always lift !! but doing the exercises I could really tell the imbalance side to side


This 45 minute session is the perfect fit for my work commitments. It gives me the strength and stretch I need to make it through the rest of the day. Thank you so much! X

Jennifer A

Totally amazing session… I did an early morning run today, so this was perfect to stretch me back out 😀🏃‍♀️

Katharine G

Jane, Many congratulations on reaching this significant milestone in your Pilates career. I can only say how grateful I am to you for introducing me to a way of exercising that is hugely beneficial to both body and mind. My greatest thanks.

Barbara xx

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