How Does It Work? How Do I Join?

What Is The JTP Zone?
It’s a central access point for all our online matwork Pilates & Reformer Pilates classes — both Live! and recorded — as well as extra goodies included in membership. Once you enrol you receive a personal username/password combination to access everything within JTP Zone.

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Live! Matwork Pilates Classes
Our Live! matwork Pilates classes are currently broadcast five times each week, and — as a member — you’ll be able to do all five classes each week — there is no limit! The classes are linked on this site — under the Matwork Classes tab — and you just click or tap the link to access the class (login required).

A couple of our Live! online Pilates classes are currently broadcast on Facebook Live (in our private JTP Zone Facebook group page — you will need to be a member of Facebook to access these), while the remainder are broadcast using Zoom. All classes are fun and will give you a great Pilates workout. Full instructions and variations are given during the class for you to join in.

Reformer Pilates Classes
Our Reformer Pilates classes are currently published approximately once a week, and — as a member — you’ll find the link to it under the Reformers At Home tab (login required).

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Recorded Classes
Not only that, all our matwork Pilates & Reformer Pilates classes are recorded and linked to on here, so that you can do a class even if you can’t catch the original Live! broadcast. Membership means you can do as many recorded classes as you want, as often as you want, at the time you want, for as long as you want.

What Are Our Online Pilates Classes Like?
Here’s a few examples of recent classes and events… Please try them for free, before you decide if you’d like to join us!

Please note: if you are a Beginner to Pilates, read the section at the bottom of this page…

A recent matwork Pilates class
A recent Reformer Pilates class — concentrating on legs, arms, and core

A recent tutorial, all about Runner’s Knee
How Do I Join?
To access all Live! and recorded online Pilates classes, you just need to be member of our Monthly Payment Plan, which costs only £10 a month.

Please Note: We can not accept cash, cheque, bank transfer, Standing Order or Direct Debit as payment. We only accept payments via our Monthly Payment Plan.

After you’ve subscribed, you’ll receive a username/password combination by email which allows you to access all areas of Live and recorded classes on here, as well as all other information.

Please click or tap here to get more information about joining my online classes.

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Can I Join If I Have No Pilates Experience?
Yes, but not directly into our main online Pilates classes. As a beginner you will find them too hard, and likely be put off Pilates, taking a bad experience away with you.

We don’t want that, so we have an
Absolute Beginners Course — comprising six classes — complete with a training manual as well as class videos for you to get the right level of Pilates teaching, with detailed explanations of the various exercises you need to be able to do correctly before moving onto more advanced classes.

Our Absolute Beginners Course costs £30.
Click or tap here to see further details, try a completely free online Beginner’s matwork Pilates class, and to join the Absolute Beginners Course.

Jane Thomas Pilates — Pilates With Jane!
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Jane Thomas Pilates/Pilates in Loughborough/First Class Pilates
9 Great Central Road — Loughborough — LE11 1RW