Reformers At Home — With Jane

Reformers At Home is a great new exercise programme and a great new way to exercise at home. You buy a home Reformer (not from us — we don’t sell them, but we can advise on what to buy — ask here for details) and do our weekly Reformer routines in front of your computer, phone or tablet while you’re watching the video of the routine — all in the comfort of your favourite venue… your home!

At £10 a month classes don’t break the bank, but do give you the opportunity to fully use your home Reformer in a way you’ve probably not been able to before — and boost your Pilates to a new level. For more information and how to join, just
click or tap here and send us an enquiry.

If you’re already a member, click or tap here for all Live and Recorded Home Reformer classes. Non-members need a username/password which you’ll receive on enrolment.

Meanwhile, if you’ve already got a home Reformer, tryout the free routine below to give you the idea of what our
Reformers At Home programme can do for you.

A sample of a Reformers At Home routine. Try it for free.

Jane Thomas Pilates — Pilates With Jane!
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